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Types of Induction Sealing wads

Plain Induction wad

Plain induction wads are simple wads, These wads are simple, plain and can be used to seal the bottles and jars to prevent normal leakage.

Printed Induction Sealing wads

Printed Induction Sealing Wads

Printed induction are the wads that required printed of your brand and logo, the intention behind printed wads are only to get customer attention towards their products or brands.

Board induction wad

Board Induction wads

The usage of Board Induction wads in high leakage of foods, it is used to prevent food leakage from the jar

Benefits of Induction sealing wads

Leakage Protection

the most important benefit of using induction wads are it protects your products from leakage, if you have a solid product then it also prevents from falling the products from the container.

Brand Reputation

printed sealing wads have the major benefit of marketing your products by applying a brand logo on induction wad, it also creates awareness so your customer loves your packaging.

prevent from Moisturising

third benefit is when you use induction wads for packaging it prevents from reaching the airflow on your product, so your container does not get mismanaged by airflow.

Various Induction Sealing wads we deals in

Plain Induction wad

Single Piece Induction Sealing

Single piece induction sealing is a plain and soft induction seal required to seal the jars and bottles to automatically prevent any leakage, these seals are soft, thick and come with a printed and silver plain type

Benefits of using single piece induction sealing wads

  • Provide Freshness
  • Prevent Leakage
  • Provides Falling Protection
  • Quality Alumunium
  • Increases product life

Pet Induction Seal wad

Induction Sealing for Pet jars

induction sealing wads have different sealing properties according to jars and bottles, induction wads in pet jar help in sealing and prevent moisturing, if you have a liquid product, you need to use pet induction wads for your bottles in order to properly seal.

Benefits of using pet induction wads for your jars

  • Prevents moisturization
  • Helps to keep the freshness
  • Protects during leakage
  • Quality Reflection

HDPE Induction Seal

Induction seal for HDPE jars

HDPE jars are different than pet jars so then the process of sealing is also different than pet, to seal an HDPE jar you require wads designed specially to seal HDPE jars, we can call HDPE sealing wads.

Benefits of using HDPE sealing wads

  • Prevent from spoiling of foods and materials
  • Protects the HDPE jar
  • Quality reflection
  • Leakage proof

photo 4

Induction sealing wads for Glass Bottle

Glass Bottles have different sealing properties than pet and HDPE jars cause the chances of leakage in glass bottles are high, but with the latest technology, it is possible to seal glass jars with the latest induction wad we can seal glass jars.

Benefits of using Induction wads for glass bottles are

  • Provides protection of liquid
  • Leakage resistance
  • Improve the quality of Product
  • eliminates the risk of spoiling

photo 5

Foil seal induction

Foil sealing is simple aluminum foil wad, used to seal the jar automatically, this foil seal comes without the board, foil seal is very simple and complex in nature and comes with or without printing so you can use it easily without any problem

Benefits of foil sealing wads for brand

  • Simple in Nature
  • Easy to use
  •  Provides Protection
  • Leakage proof

Printed Induction wads

Printed Induction sealing wads are Perfect solution for packaging and advertising your business to your customers, in printed wads we print your logo over the wad and highlight your brand message to your customer so when they open the seal, they will aware by your product and brand.

Benefits of Printed wads for brand

  • Designful  in Nature
  • Easy to use
  •  Provides Protection
  • Leakage proof
  • Brand Awareness
Epe wads

Epe Wads for Sealing

Epe wads are used in Various pharmaceuticals industries to seal caps and bottles which are difficult to seal in other ways, Mainly Epe wads are used in Medicine, juices and chemical bottles to seal and secure, it is also called Disc wads and comes in several shapes according to the caps of bottles.

Benefits of Printed wads for brand

  • Soft in Nature
  • Use to Seal hard Jars
  • Provides Protection
  • Leakage proof
  • Form
5 Layer Sealing

5 Layer Induction Sealing

5 Layer Induction seal is used to seal Several HDPE Medicine jars, it is very Protected and comes with Several 5 Layers of Sealing Process, Big companies uses 5 Layer sealing ex Alumunium with Cardboard.

Benefits of Printed wads for brand

  • Protected Layers
  • Use to Seal hard Jars
  • Provides Protection
  • Leakage proof
  •  For HDPE proper sealing


How to Seal Your Bottle using Induction liner

Induction wads are the most advance technology to seal your bottles and jars, it also built the brand reputation of your company, printed wads are most advanced and designed by using your logo or company message in sealing wads, there are various types of induction like one-piece, two-piece and 4 pieces built to increase the protection for risky products, the top layer of induction seal is covered with aluminum and lower layer have a board used for fitting inside the cap, Induction sealing machine is required to seal induction, first, we need to have an induction wad according to the size of a bottle we are sealing, then we need to open Induction sealing machine or if you don’t have one you can use a home press to  give heat to the wad, apply heat for 30-40 seconds, do not hold for longer after applying heat wait for 10 seconds and check your jar, now you have successfully seal your bottle.

Why Induction sealing is useful for your brand and businesses

Induction wads are very necessary and become an important medium of packaging today due to the changing behavior of customers towards branding every small and medium-sized business are using induction wad as packaging to attract the attention of their customers.

here are the 7 strong reasons for using induction wad

  • Protects in Leakage
  • Keeps food fresh for a long time
  • Provide Sustainability
  • Attracts Customer attention
  • Protection against falling
  • Fast production
  • Brand awareness

Get Induction wads at Affordable Price

Latest Induction Seal wads Prices

  • Type
  • Induction Sealing Wads
  • Foil Seal
  • Printed Sealing Wads
  • Aluminium Foil Seal
  • Induction Seal with Cardboard
  • Size
  • 10-120 mm (price depends on Size)
  • 10-120 mm (price depends on Size)
  • 10-120 mm (price depends on Size)
  • 10-120 mm (price depends on Size)
  • 10-120 mm (price depends on Size)
  • Price
  • 0.50 piece
  • 0.22 Piece
  • 0.55 Piece
  • 0.24 Piece
  • 0.45 Piece

Why us?

Unique Packaging solution

We provide induction sealing wads that make your packaging Unique for your customers.

Leakage Proof

Our Induction sealing wads protects your foods and products from leakage, we use generation technology to prevent leakage.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are affordable for even small and medium-size businesses to use our latest sealing technology

High Quality wads

We provide high-quality induction seal to our clients, Our induction sealing wads are manufactured from the quality process that built to make your customers love your packaging

20 Years Experience

We have over 20 years of packaging experience that made us the leading manufacturer of induction sealing wads.

Great Support

We provide support and guidance to help you seal your products with us

Why we are the Leading Induction Sealing Wads Manufacturers

We are leading in the industry cause of our Latest Sealing technology and Durability in Process, We believe in Quality and Branding this is for what we work for, We provide all Solution of Leaking problems and Branding of your products through our Induction wads, We provide Several types of wads according to bottles and its sizes, we believe in customer attention, Satisfaction and Retention this is why we are here.

Induction Sealing Wads Manufacturing Process

High-Quality Aluminum foil

Quality of Aluminium is very necessary for us ,cause High-Quality Alumunium makes wads more Complex, Strong flexible and Superior, and provides more leakage proof protection it’s like a shield which protects wads from the air and moisture and keeps your food fresh.

High quality cardboard

The use of Cardboard is to avoid Leakage and Falling of hard and soft foods from wad, We provide Superior Quality Cardboard with a Good Thickness so any bottle can seal itself for its best.

Non Contact Heating

The Use of WAX in Induction Sealing helps aluminum foil and board to joint together and with a non-contact heating process, we can seal the bottle and jar, all the quality of materials we use are High and Imported from Top Brands so that you get Latest wads and Best Experience for your Customers.

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Rajesh Sharmaayushi products

These are the Exact Industries where Induction Sealing wads are used as a medium of Packaging

  • Chemical Industries
  • Food and Beverage Industries
  • Pharma Industries
  • Health supplements Industries
  • Beauty and Care
  • Autotech and Mobi